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Baseball & Softball Batting Swing Video Analysis & Virtual Trainer

You have plenty of choices when it comes to developing a proper swing for baseball and softball. As you know, hitting a baseball or softball is
the hardest thing to do in sports according to a previous USA Today article. A private trainer, coach taught, dad/mom taught, CDs, DVDs
and there are probably a few more ways help develop that swing out there. Now, let me explain how “” can help develop
that swing, in a way that not only fits your budget, but your time, by offering you a service unlike any other – A Batting Swing Video Analysis.
My name is Ron Pierce and I own and operate Troy MVP Training Center in Troy, Alabama. I have been around the game of baseball all of
my life, teaching young ball players how to get better. First, let me say that my way of teaching is just that, my way. I work very hard at
teaching the fundamentals of a swing and know that every hitting instructor in the country is trying to teach the same thing. The best way
to help improve your swing is to use a personal batting trainer or instructor if you can, but if there is not one nearby, or you want to try
it yourself, then a batting swing video analysis may be your answer.  “Swinging a bat, is muscle memory and if you don’t practice, you won’t
get better!” I am offering you a chance to have your players swing analyzed using a slow motion video training system and then give you a
detailed breakdown of what tips, techniques, instruction and drills you need to be doing to help the batting swing get better. I will also allow
you the opportunity to re-send future video back to me again, for further analysis and improvements. Depending on which package you
choose, will allow you to choose the level you want to participate in

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