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FAQ’s for virtualhitting.net

Why choose virtualhitting.net?

Virtualhitting.net is a tool to help baseball and softball players develop a better swing by using drills-- on a regular basis—thus, creating “Muscle Memory”.  When you upload a video of a player’s swing, I will be able to analyze that swing and suggest those drills that would be beneficial to developing a proper swing.  It was also created to give both players and their parents an alternative to other instructional choices available.  Virtualhitting.net provides a convenient, value-packed training program to players, regardless of their proximity to local training centers.

What do you mean, “Other choices available to you”?

Virtualhitting.net combines several programs into one on-line resource, depending on your needs.  These programs include:

  • analysis of the swing and the specific drills designed to  improve the swing
  • a written and visual analysis of your swing
  • free software for your computer to replay your swing in slow motion and to participate in individually prepared analysis
  • a suggested workout routine, using the specially designed drills demonstrated on  virtualhitting.net

Why are there different plans to choose from?

Different plans allow users to pay for only what they need.  If you are only looking for a swing analysis, then the “Single Plan” would be your choice.  If you are seeking more detailed analysis and beneficial drills, you probably would want to choose from the “Double”, “Triple”, or “Home Run” packages.  Please refer to the website for more details on the Package Plans.

Do you guarantee that this will improve the swing?

No, I can’t guarantee that using virtualhitting.net will improve a player’s swing.  However, I will refund your purchase price, within 30 days of purchase, if you are not satisfied with this service. I don’t believe any instructor in the world can guarantee that your player will hit better in game situations.  I do believe, however, that if you are taught correct fundamentals and work the drills on a regular basic that you will improve!

As the creator of virtualhitting.net, what is your hitting philosophy?

There is a lot talk about about which hitting style is better, “rotational” or “linear.”  I teach a combination of both styles, but my primary focus is teaching “hands-to-the-ball.” Let me explain:  During the earlier ages (6-12) of development, most players have the tendency to come around the ball and pull their front shoulder.  Both of these problems can be corrected, if you know what drills are beneficial.  If I can get a player to take his hands (knob of the bat) to the ball on the correct plane, without pulling off the ball, then the player has more of a chance to make proper contact with the bat, not to mention a quicker swing to the ball.  If your player consistently hits weak ground balls to the pull side, then I’m pretty sure they are pulling off the ball and rolling their wrists over too early.  If they continue to make contact with the ball and the bat outside of the bat’s “sweet spot,” then they are probably coming around the ball. 


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