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There are plenty of young athletes who are born with an abundance of talent, but there are many more who have to work hard to reach that level.  I can tell you that no matter how much God given talent you have, you can make yourself a better ball player by working hard.  To be a great baseball or softball player, you have to do drills on a daily basis.  Don't forget, that you are trying to build "muscle memory" with your swing and if you don't repeat the swing, then you will loose the "muscle memory".  With every package that is offered by virtualhitting.net except the "Single", you are given access to my drills.  Yes, there are plenty of drills on the internet that you have access too, but if you don't know what needs to be fixed, then you may not be doing the correct drills.  Following, is a list of drills that are available to you via this website through a secure login.  One of the most important drills that I teach is the "Ball In The Bucket".  This helps the player realize where the hands are supposed to be during the swing. 


   Ball In The Bucket


   Hand To The Ball

   Tennis Ball Drill

   Bat Behind The Back

   Load Drills

   Grasped Hands

   Soft Toss

   Short Toss

   One Hand Bat

   Hands Through The Ball

   High Tee

   Middle Pitch

   Inside Pitch

   Outside Pitch

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